A team of committed, seasoned professionals, many of whom have been serving the company for over 15 years each, leads Eiffel Investments Capital. We take pride in our family-like culture and thrive on our relationships with clients. We work tirelessly to uncover great real estate opportunities and to ensure that our Investors’ expectations are exceeded.
Eiffel Investments has capabilities to handle day-to-day financial management to support diversified investments and asset management executives and to meet the requirements of investors.
To maximize the value of each asset, Eiffel Investments has an internal team of construction experts and support personnel devoted to asset repositioning or capital improvements and maximizes the value of each asset in the portfolio.
Our Acquisitions team focuses on identifying underperforming assets that provide unique and creative investment opportunities with significant potential returns. Our Asset Management team focuses on thorough due diligence of our acquisitions value management strategies.
Our Property Management Team, Eiffel Capital Management LLC; aggressively manages each asset in the portfolio and works to improve each asset’s value through strategic operational planning, performance analytics, expense control, and revenue enhancement.
Eiffel Investments has a dedicated team specializing in risk assessment, insurance procurement, claims management and safety. We identify, organize and prioritize risks and, as appropriate, mitigate, transfer or knowingly accept risk.
Most of their responsibilities include: To conduct daily, weekly, and monthly meetings with investors, either in person or via phone to address any of their relevant questions or concerns and help to perform a range of analyses that will include Real estate analysis, competitive analysis, and comparative valuation; To implement, co-develop and update the organization's corporate messaging across different formats like making presentations, press releases, employee meetings, etc.